Big Rock Industries: Poised To Lead The Next Generation

From the early days as geology classmates at Winona State University to today’s challenge of guiding their entrepreneurial ventures through a global pandemic, B.R.I. co-founders Rob Bergmann and Brian Lentz have always been focused on creating value for society by solving complex resource problems.

Each of Big Rock Industries’ (B.R.I.) constituent business models is built on Rob and Brian’s “New Eyes On Old Rocks” approach; a fresh, forward-thinking perspective, diverse technical expertise, modern data-driven science, and passionate people to deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients and stakeholders.

B.R.I.   A Snapshot Of An Exciting First Decade

New Ventures Launched


Revenue Growth Year Over Year

Resource Projects

Technical Staff

Active Industries

Lost Time Incidents

B.R.I.   Addressing Challenges With New Business Models 

A fundamental component of our entrepreneurial strategy is building an understanding of the ‘interconnectivity of things’ – how a multitude of dynamic systems that comprise modern society interact and impact one another.

Creating value in the time of coronavirus and climate change means not only confronting challenges with disruptive and forward-thinking ideas, but identifying synergies and collaborative partnerships to create value-adding solutions.

B.R.I.   The Hub-and-Spoke Model At A Glance

Big Rock Exploration

Think Tank, Technical Consultancy

F3 Gold

Gold Prospecting & Exploration

Exsolve Recycling Technologies

Strategic Metal Recycling

Relevant Resources

Prospect Generation, Mineral Exploration

Big Rock Minerals

World-class Mineral Collector & Dealer


Strategic Resource Development

Business Section  |  March 9th, 2020

Two Minneapolis businessmen prospecting for gold in South Dakota’s Black Hills

Local geologists hope Black Hills test drilling reveals a major gold discovery and boosts their geology consulting business. 

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