Rob Bergmann


Today’s society is deeply entrenched in the consumption and use of material things. These things all have one simple origin….EARTH. As a geologist who has spent a career studying the earth and how it connects to society, I am constantly shocked by how little society understands “The Interconnectivity of Things”.

This understanding is paramount in identifying realistic and holistic solutions to our growing societal demands. There are many people in this world who want environmental change and technological advancement though, these “things” are most commonly looked at from a singular point of view rather than understanding Net Impact, typically resulting in a singular solution with additional “side-effects”.

Often these “singular solutions” feel good and provide some positive immediate optics. This effect leaves the audience (society) feeling satisfied that a positive change has occurred. BUT, let’s consider net impact in our assessment of successful solutions. Do our “singular solutions” leave the planet in a better place than where it was, or does it band-aid a local societal issue while amplifying another out of sight? Only when assessing net impact can we properly determine holistic solutions.

This is the approach Big Rock takes when identifying solutions to environmental and societal problems. In this issue we dive into topics relevant to not only our industry but to all life on Earth, and hopefully offer some practical insights and applicable strategies to your own business goals. Come with us as we explore and discover!





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