Testing A New Model In A Historic District


F3 Gold, LLC is a private gold exploration company developing district-scale gold projects in the world-famous, Black Hills, South Dakota. Home to one of the largest gold mines in global history, the Homestake Mine, which produced over 40M ounces during its 137 year tenure, the Black Hills Region is ripe for another world-class discovery.


Big Rock has worked with F3 Gold to develop a ‘new eyes on old rocks’ approach to gold exploration in the hills. F3 has developed a new model for gold endowment for the region which could result in a major new gold discovery in the USA.

Historically, other exploration companies have looked for new discoveries in the black hills by trying to find a direct Homestake analog, and rightfully so with its size and scale. F3 Gold has taken a different approach some may know as the mineral systems approach.


By assessing the entire region from an outside looking in approach and utilizing a broad orogenic gold model, F3 has begun to home in on vastly overlooked regions and strong, district-scale gold endowment indicators.

After 8+ years of systematic scientific exploration F3 Gold is now ready to test its theories at depth. Big Rock has provided turnkey project management since the beginning to allow F3 the ability to execute their project effectively with fiscal efficiency. Big Rock has permitted the project and is undergoing an EA with the USFS drill permit expected to be granted in Q4 2020.


Turnkey Solutions for A Growing Prospect Portfolio


Alianza Minerals Ltd. is a prospect generator focused on the Americas, particularly the Cordilleran regions that characterize western North and South America. Alianza has four projects in Peru, eight in Nevada, six in the Yukon and three Mexico royalties, and the flexibility to acquire new projects in the Americas as opportunities arise.


With projects in Peru, Nevada, British Columbia and the Yukon, Alianza is in need of an experienced, technical operator to help provide turnkey management in servicing their portfolio of projects.


Big Rock has partnered with Alianza to progress their Nevada portfolio towards discovery. After mobilizing boots-on-the-ground support and a robust targeting phase, the Horsethief project, outside of Pioche, Nevada, is scheduled for drilling in Q2 2020. As a team, we are excited to continue delivering high-quality results and stress-free management for Alianza.

Looking ahead, Alianza’s strength in providing a fresh new generator-explorer hybrid model combined with Big Rock execution may result in substantial new discoveries. We are excited to have such a professional and responsible partner and believe the synergies between our companies can  yield tailored project solutions into the future.

How Partnership Creates Value

“Alianza’s strength in providing a fresh new generator-explorer hybrid model combined with Big Rock execution may result in substantial new discoveries.”

Rob Bergmann, President



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