Matt Matko

  • Hometown: Loretto, Minnesota
  • BS – Geosciences, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, ’15
  • MS – Geosciences, University of Minnesota – Duluth (ABD)


Matt is a passionate geologist that brings equal parts humor and hard work to the company. He is as reliable as they come at Big Rock, with an action-oriented approach and quick thinking to develop solutions. His team-first approach supports the Big Rock standard of operational excellence because he is adaptable to any situational demands and always prioritizes completing the objective. 

It is no surprise that Matt’s peers regard him as a critical asset to the technical team. This field season has brought numerous assignments on short notice with various logistical challenges and he has been dependable under pressure. In August Matt was recognized for his outstanding contributions in four key criteria that enable successful programs.

Congratulations and thank you on behalf of Team Big Rock! 

August Team Contributions


  • Executed field program with little time to prepare
  • Effectively minimized costs on program with very tight budget constraints
  • Overcame technical and logistical challenges


  • Completed last minute project need to ensure error-free deliverable to client
  • Took ownership of a technical challenge, helped the team fix and overcome


  • Worked to improve data collection systems and procedures
  • Ensured quality data collection framework for field programs


  • Balanced communications between numerous programs with challenging deadlines
  • Worked with vendor to inspect and repair critical equipment 


On Life At Big Rock

Working for Big Rock has been a non-stop adventure! You never know where the next project will take you and just what kind of rocks you get to look at this time!

Matt Matko, Project Geologist



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