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Collaboration is key:

How Partnerships build capacity, spur innovation, and amplify impact

Over the past several years Big Rock has formed a special partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum of science and natural history. Big Rock’s annual trip to the PDAC convention hosted in Toronto provides our team a fun opportunity to visit the museum and meet with the ROM Earth Sciences staff in person.

The ROM Earth Sciences team and Teck Suite of Galleries has also graciously hosted Big Rock’s annual Rock Tales & Cocktails Party for the past 3 years. This exclusive event for our clients, partners, and peers in the geologic industry is a chance to grow relationships and show our appreciation, and what better venue for a social evening than gathering amidst a world-class mineral collection.

In addition to an engrossing tour of the the ROM collection a couple weeks ago by our friend Katherine Dunnell, we had some time to chat and exchange perspectives about a common goal both organizations share. In Fall 2018 the ROM began an initiative to actively curate the geology of the world, specifically for students and the public to better understand how the Earth was formed and how geology and mineralogy affect our everyday lives.

To support this goal, the ROM has year-round learning programs for young students as well as 100,000 school visits a year, making it one of Canada’s largest cross-curricular educational institutions. “It’s meant to inspire life-long learning for diverse audiences,” says Kathryn De Carlo, Associate Director of Philanthropy at the ROM. 

Finding ways to make science more accessible, exciting, and relevant for a broad audience is central to Big Rock’s vision for the future, and a key intersection of our values with the ROM.

Big Rock has made it a strategic priority of our sustainability plan to create shared value for students and the public by fostering educational and real-world learning opportunities that increase understanding, knowledge, and interest in geology.

We’re focused on developing innovative communications that effectively engage and inform, while delivering the message of how vital minerals are to our daily life, and how the science of geology is crucial for bridging the gap to a sustainable future. You can see some of our recent work in this highlight video, as Big Rock geologists educate youth about science with one of our community partners, YMCA of Rapid City.

This effort ties into our responsibility as a business, which goes far beyond operational performance. The social and environmental challenges of the future are collective and surpass the capabilities of any one company or government to solve. Therefore, valuing partnerships outside of business can facilitate the exchange of more diverse perspectives, leverage unique expertise and resources, and amplify impact by collaborating to develop innovating solutions to common challenges.

We’re proud to work with partners like the Royal Ontario Museum and we’ll continue to support their mission of making science accessible and exciting for all. 


How Partnerships can help bridge the gap


Partnerships unify otherwise unconnected entities around a shared sense of mission, and provide a basis for a collaborative relationship. 


Partnerships can create opportunities to leverage skills, expertise, and resources to pursue and achieve common goals.


Partnerships enable the exchange of more diverse ideas and perspectives that can reveal and enlighten new solutions to common challenges.


Partnerships help transcend boundaries, broaden audiences, and make value creation more inclusive and accessible.

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HOw Partnerships CAN Help Bridge The gap

“Finding ways to make scientific learning opportunities accessible, exciting, and relevant for a broad audience is central to our vision for the future. The ROM is definitely making this happen.” 

Brian Lentz, Vice President

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