by Rob Bergmann

President, Big Rock Exploration

ISSUE No. 4: The Gold Issue

Gold is more than a status symbol. Gold is an important material that multiple industries rely on and it continues to be a critical mineral for technology and innovation. On top of its rarity, gold’s unique physical properties enhance its material value and significance beyond that of a currency or investment-based asset. Gold is a key ingredient in satellite and telecommunication systems, space exploration, robotics, and nanotechnology.

Big Rock is involved in a wide variety of gold projects, ranging from inception to production. As a key element in new age technology, gold presents a new type of value beyond standard currency backing and commodity hedging. While gold continues to be rare and beautiful, it is also a key ingredient of our future.

Also in this issue, we explore and discover:

  • Gold as a strategic mineral
  • Real-time geochemistry with pXRF
  • Wind Energy: Big Rock’s Role In This Growth Sector

We look forward to sharing our insights and working with you in the future!



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