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Today's society is deeply entrenched in the availability of natural resources.  Minerals, water, energy, metals and others are essential components to our daily life. These materials are crucial for advancing new technology, achieving green energy and sustaining national security. 

Big Rock is focused on identifying, exploring and evaluating mineral and other natural resources.
Our vast network of geoscientists, project managers and field technicians provide clients with reliable expertise for all kinds of natural resource projects.


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Resource targeting

Let us help you discover tomorrow's resources! Our modern exploration strategies are cost efficient and provide effective means for the next discovery.

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Acquisition of mineral rights, leases, lands & royalties each require experience and strategy. 
Let us help you get the most out of your land assets!

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Project management

Effective project management is the foundation of a successful project. Big Rock offers experienced services in safety, budget, logistical, & operational management.

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Boots on the Ground

Big Rock offers trained & experienced technical staff for any natural resource project.  Let us help you assemble the best team to get the job done safely!

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Evaluations & Reporting

We provide peace of mind for regulatory reporting, assessments & filings.  Whether its claim filings, land evaluations or high level 43-101 compliant reporting...we get it done right!

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Drilling programs

Drilling is an essential component to many resource projects.  We work with top rated drilling contractors to provide safe & cost effective solutions for every drill project.

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Data management

Data is the backbone to technical valuations.  Transparent, quality & tech-savy data solutions help to maximize the value and saleability of any resource project.

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Sampling programs

Sampling is the process of collecting earth materials & establishing unique quantitative data.  Rock, soils, water and vegetation can all be sampled for testing & analysis.  

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Mapping & GIS

A variety of field & computer based methods are used for mapping natural resources.  Mapping is an essential component for targeting deposits, project planning & resource development.

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Computer based & 3D modeling helps to bring complicated data to life.  Let us utilize our advanced modeling techniques & easy cloud based solutions to your benefit!

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